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Web development:

Improving your company’s ability to reach millions of customers is the most effective way to increase profitability and growth. At MESAHAT, we have been expert in technology and innovation. Beyond consulting: MESAHAT is a partner for transformation and online growth. Our customers can use high-end websites that tell the story of thier brand in a captivating way. For more information click here.

Hazard Control:

Businesses today need to integrate risk management fully into their strategy - not only to minimize potential losses but also to exploit new business opportunities arising from the risk agenda. MESAHAT has been pioneers risk management for years. Today, we have deeper insight and broader capability in this field than any other leading strategy consulting firm. Uniquely, we can provide in-house teams combining business and commercial acumen with specialist expertise and knowledge in areas such as safety critical systems, transport risk, safety culture, disaster planning and recovery, hazard control and process safety. 

MESAHAT offers our customers consultancy services linking strategy, innovation and technology; from inception to implementation. Each service offering is supported by a global network of expert practitioners dedicated to continuous evolution and enhancement of our customers’ business. Our global knowledge management infrastructure ensures innovative and proven methodologies and tools are available for the benefit of our clients anywhere in the world.​ While an organization's starting position suggests the most likely paths to growth, we insight your firm with true value-creating growth and balance of core versus capabilities.

Expert Analysis: 

Getting Information right is essential to success, but achieving this is difficult. With careful analysis and innovation in technology we can produce excessively complex and expensive systems. As a result operational excellence is increasingly on the agenda of top business leaders, who recognize that world-class operations analysis are the key to staying ahead of the competition. At MESAHAT, our expert analyst can help your organisation build a world-class value chain and achieve excellence.

Strategic Planning:

Whether your organization is in a fast moving, rapidly growing sector, or in a mature industry with limited avenues for growth, we can help you. Our holistic approach to creative and sustainable strategy development will let you design a future for your company that is highly ambitious and achievable. Our experience and industry expertise will ensure you use the right tools for the job.