MESAHAT Solutions  and suggestions come from extensive process starting by:

gathering requirement, analyzing situations and status to computerize and implementing automotive development plans to our clients for public and private sectors, mending the optimal suitable systems and supervising engineering and IT projects.

We use a global network of expert and suppliers specialized in systems integration, help desk, call center, user support, IT infrastructure, program management, cyber security, business software packages and solutions, IT support, data center, networking, renewable energy and green services; street lighting, energy storage and alarm security systems and waste recycling solutions and management.​​

MESAHAT was founded early 2008 and late 2007 as a private sector that provides IT services and End-to-End solutions.

Early 2016, MESAHAT expanded its businesses and harnessing years in the field that gives the capability to apply theory and practices by opening new division focuses and give individuals or organizations public and private, anytime absolute competitive advice. in other words, while our clients talk, we listen and give them a unique space when designing their path towards: change, innovation and further power. This merger resulted in more than 35 years of cumulative experiences of our team with a rich record of achievements. is the first and the oldest consultancy firm in the city of AlQunfudah and Al-Lith that provide consultancy services in engineering, IT and Information Science and Systems, with a head office in Mecca City.

​Our Vision :

Continuous quest using the maximum benefits of technical Advantage use to become one of the largest firms that serve beneficiaries in the gulf region.

Our Mission:

Enable organizations and institutions to use technology and information systems capable to achieve better results on an ongoing basis.

Our Objectives:

- Enable organizations and institutions to use technology and information systems capable to achieve better results on an ongoing basis.
​- Providing integrated advisory services to government institutions and private companies in the Arabian Peninsula.
- Provide internal and external organizational studies that develop solutions to generate profits and revenues by promoting the efficiency of human capability.
​- Provide techniques and strategies to individual and groups; identifying needs and allocating best resources within organization with an optimal solution.

Our Values:

Customer Focus
All operational decisions have the customers’ best interest as the primary criterion.

Quality Service
To be competent at all levels throughout the organisation and excellence is the desired goal.

We hold ourselves accountable, ethically and morally, to our customers and our beneficiaries for the service we provide.

Demonstrate the understanding of the link between one’s own job responsibilities and overall firm goals and needs, and performs one’s job efficiently and effectively with broader goals in mind.



Personal Support :

We understand that a workplace can’t be productive without healthy and happy people. MESAHAT provides ample benefits for our team’ health and well-being both inside and outside of the office.

Community Engagement :

Our reach spans far beyond the office doors. Not only we do provide solutions for our clients to create positive change for their stakeholders, but we also engage our team through frequent service opportunities.

Strategic Partnership :

Based on strategic alliances and mutual benefits and vision, MESAHAT is now open to opportunities with collaborate and marketing international market leaders. Want to join our partnership programme, feel free to ​ contact us.

Our team :

Each and every one of our team represent the spirit of our office: driven, committed, and acutely aware of how limitless MESAHAT’s potential is to grow. We go to great lengths to identify self-starters with diverse experience and skill sets to produce not just an effective workforce, but a well-rounded, talented and complementary team.



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